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Foremost Plastic Products Company, Inc. has been producing innovative thermoplastic, injection molded products of exceptional quality and reliability for over 40 years. Foremostís specialty is the translation of your ideas and engineering drawings into practical-and economical-products that meet demanding industry performance standards. We are dedicated to supplying high quality products and tooling with a minimum of lead-time at an economical price. We offer design assistance necessary to eliminate any potential production problems and to provide maximum reliability and economy to your project.

Foremostís Broad range of value added capabilities include:

SolidWorks Design
In-House Mold Design and Construction
Modular “Family” Molding
Dedicated Custom Molding
Process Monitoring System
Pin and Terminal Insertion
UL Recognized Engineering Plastics
State-of-the-Art Molding and Quality Management Systems

To compliment our extensive molding capabilities, we offer a comprehensive line of Standard Bobbins that are available in a large variety of sizes and flange designs. This allows us to service you better by having industry standard sizes and flanges available for immediate shipment. On top of that we also have available a diverse line of lenses used in both the amusement and electronics industries.

We also understand the expanding world markets by offering our VDE bobbin line. VDE, which stands for Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker, is the German counterpart to our Underwriters Laboratory. By offering this product line, we allow you to reach a worldwide bobbin market.

We have dedicated ourselves to the plastic injection molding industry. Over the years we have worked with many manufacturers requiring coil forms for transformers, relays, solenoids, motors and many other electrical power designated products. In addition we have also supplied products for manufacturers of electronic components, the pinball industry, and automotive industries.

At Foremost Plastic Products we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, quick response and dedication to seeing your project from concept to completion.

Our goal is to have you consider us your complete plastic parts supplier.

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